Presenting Electroneum – The Mobile-First Cryptocurrency You Can Mine With Your Smartphone

There are so many cryptocurrencies that you can invest in but one that is quite different than the rest is Electroneum. It aims to solve a problem many cryptos have as they are not mobile-friendly. Electroneum is a specific unique cryptocurrency that tackles into a market that is so much larger than what many think. … Read more

Amazon Might Soon Invest In Cryptocurrency

According to numerous reports popping up all around the internet, Amazon is planning something in cryptocurrency. Although it is not known what, this could definitely shake the entire industry because of how powerful the company is. The retail and cloud giant just registered 3 domains connected with cryptocurrency. Here is what we now know about … Read more

Banks Are Afraid Of Cryptocurrencies And It Is Normal

In this past article I said that one of the reasons why Bitcoin price was going down was the fact that there were big calls for regulations in India and South Korea. These calls for regulations largely come from financial institutions that do not like the cryptocurrency systems. In the US there is something similar … Read more

Venezuela Launches The First National Cryptocurrency, The Petro (PTR)

This is quite exciting news for everyone that is interested in cryptocurrency and can be a start for things to come, although it might be just a first attempt that will fail. Venezuela just launched the pre-sale phase of the very first oil-backed, national cryptocurrency, called Petro (PTR). Right now there are 82.4 million PTR … Read more