I try Bitcoin faucets on a constant basis so you do not have to. Here are the very best you want to consider right now! Below you can find some other recommendations for free Bitcoin.

Best Direct Payment Bitcoin Faucets

Free Bitco.in – Without A Doubt The Best

Out of all the BTC faucets out there, this is the most popular one and the best one. 1 Hour claim with multiple rewards system. Free BTC mining added and the more you claim, the more you are offered on the long run. They even have daily interest added to your account.


Bit Coinker

You can claim every 5 minutes and the amounts vary up to 10,000 satoshi. Claim a maximum of 120 times per day. Withdraw every sunday automatically at 20,000 satoshi.

Other Great Faucets:

Best FaucetHub Faucets

If you want even more, you can use the FaucetHub.io System. You basically register your Bitcoin address and you then you check out the faucets they have available or the other deals that offer BTC. There are practically no limits with hundreds of faucets giving out free Bitcoin included at the moment. If you have the time, you can make thousands of satoshi per day with all the links there, although I would recommend that you only stick to some, preferably those that you enjoy the most. Those that I prefer are:

Best Bitcoin PTC Sites

BTC Clicks

BTC clicks is one of the oldest Bitcoin BTC sites. Payments per click vary from one ad to the next but generally the payouts are pretty good. At the same time, the system is similar to all the other PTC clicks that are not connected to Bitcoin as you can rent referrals, buy them and premium memberships are available.

World Of Bitcoin

World of Bitcoin allows you to cash out automatically to FaucetHub as soon as balance is 10,000 satoshi. It is not at all difficult to reach that since there are numerous ads available on a constant basis. Besides the ads, there is also a Faucet where you can claim once per day.

Mine Bitcoin With Your Browser

FaucetHub is quickly growing and is the most popular micro wallet in the industry. They recently launched a very interesting feature that you can use: mine Bitcoin right from your browser. You can use this to get more free Bitcoin while you do anything you want online. Read this article for more details about the FaucetHub mining feature.

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