FaucetHub Adds Pot Coin – What Should You Know About Pot Coin?

FaucetHub Adds Pot Coin – What Should You Know About Pot Coin?

If you are into claiming crypto currency from faucets you already heard the fact that Pot Coin was added to FaucetHub. If not, well, Pot Coin was added to FaucetHub, marking an important moment in the evolution of the coin since acceptance into such a big system automatically offers a small boost as thousands of people will start to use it and trade it.

Generally speaking, the choice was a weird one but if you learn more about this coin, you see something quite similar to DOGE in the sense that it is expected that in 2018 we will see a good growth for this coin. It will most likely not be as big as others, but the investing in Pot Coin is generally considered as being a very good idea for 2018.

Pot Coin Past Growth

Obviously, because of the premise that this crypto aims to be used in the regulated cannabis industry, there was a good momentum that was built as soon as the coin was launched. Different suppliers actually adopted it in just a few months. However, as more interest appeared with other coins, ICOs and investment opportunities, people started to move away so the coin stagnated.

One Fact Of Interest: There are no reports that Pot Coin was hacked, maybe because hackers enjoy the idea of crypto for cannabis?

As years passed, ATMs were actually introduced. In October 2017 we had around 800 ATMs supporting Pot Coin in 35 countries. The official promise was 1300 by 2018. Although nobody knows if this is achieved, it is still impressive given how under the radar this crypto went.

Future Expected Growth For Pot Coin

After we saw an announced that Pot Coin partnered with WeedMD.inc it was quite obvious that some growth was going to happen. That is because the partnership enables both cannabis suppliers and vendors to have a simple time transacting the cryptocurrency.

Pot Coin is now traded on different exchanges like Changelly and Coin Payments. Price went down at the start of 2018 because of everything that happened in the crypto industry (you can read about this here). However, this does not mean growth is not going to appear. Also, there is something you may want to know about Pot Coin growth potential.

Pot Coin Growth Potential

At the moment, Pot Coin is working hard to invite doctors, suppliers, merchants and dispensaries to integrate the crypto currency as a type of rewarding, payment and promotion. It is expected that in 2018 we are going to see many different US states adopt legislation that will completely legalize medical cannabis use. Also, this is expected in other countries from around the world. This makes it perfect for a crypto currency (because it is anonymous and convenient) to be used in the industry.

I can conclude that it is highly expected that there is going to be average growth for Pot Coin in 2018. Now is basically the best time possible to either buy some Pot Coin (it is recommended to use some other crypto to do so or directly the approved Pot Coin options) or get some from faucets like those on FaucetHub if you do not have the money to invest in a new crypto.

As always, remember that having your money in many different crypto currencies is the best thing you can do. You never know how the market evolves and you can make a good profit with some quick speculation.

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