Get Ready For The November 16 Hard Bitcoin Fork – Time To Make Money

Get Ready For The November 16 Hard Bitcoin Fork – Time To Make Money

Around November 16 a new Bitcoin hard fork will happen and it is time to make money off of it. This is not something that happens for the first time. If we are to look at the last hard fork it is quite clear that prices are going to go high. In fact, this is the perfect time to take advantage of the situation.

To put it as simple as possible, a hard fork is when the cryptocurrency splits into 2 new cryptocurrencies, the original one and a brand new one. Everything that you need to know about the November 16 hard Bitcoin fork can be read below, with an extra mention that another hard fork already happened, although not much traction appeared.

You Only Care About Money, Right?

There are various different technical things that can be said about these hard forks and many things that can happen. However, what you should know is the following statement by Perry Woodin:

“If we let history be our guide, the run-up to November’s fork should result in a significant flow of value out of alt-coins and into Bitcoin. We’re already seeing this happen, and it is driving the price of Bitcoin to all-time highs.”

Bitcoin is already over $7,000. What should you do to take advantage of the situation?

Here are some personal suggestions to take full advantage of the situation created:

  • Invest in Bitcoin – buy as much as possible since it is a certainty that prices will go up. In the unlikely event that Bitcoin price will go down, look at the market specialists and see if this is temporary. If they say that this is not, just sell. However, this is not that likely to happen so you should expect to have a really good increase in your money if you buy Bitcoin now.
  • Double up on alt-coins – you can also invest money in alt-coins like Ethereum since prices are going down because of the hard fork. After the hard fork prices are going to go up so you can also make a profit through this. While it is not going to be that high, you can still have certainty in the event something bad happens with Bitcoin.
  • Trade AltCurrencies – if you have multiple currencies through faucets like the ones you see in the menu above or similar, it is time to trade them for Bitcoins. This brings in quick money on the long run.
  • Act now – November 16 is quite close and there is always some problem that can appear with hard forks. While the entire industry is careful so this does not happen, it is the perfect time to act and make money with cryptocurrencies.

Morale of the story: It Is Time To Buy Bitcoins!

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