Refereum ICO Aims To Change The Gaming Industry

Refereum is now one of the most interesting ICO projects you want to take a closer look at. This platform taps into a $100 billion industry and does seem to offer a tangible solution for numerous people and companies involved. I believe that at the moment this is definitely an interesting investment opportunity, especially if … Read more

FaucetHub Adds Pot Coin – What Should You Know About Pot Coin?

If you are into claiming crypto currency from faucets you already heard the fact that Pot Coin was added to FaucetHub. If not, well, Pot Coin was added to FaucetHub, marking an important moment in the evolution of the coin since acceptance into such a big system automatically offers a small boost as thousands of … Read more

Everything You Need To Know About Why Bitcoin Price Is Going Down And What To Do In The Future

Bitcoin is now a little under $9,000 at the time of writing, which is a lot less than almost $20,000, the high reached in December 2017. The crypto currency market is closely watching what is happening and as always with such price fluctuations, people are divided. Why is Bitcoin falling so hard today? First off, … Read more

Do Not Blindly Trust People That Promote Bitcoin Related Referral Links

Recently I got into an argument on the FaucetHub chat about Genesis Mining. The guy there, Megadump (it is easy to find his blog), claimed that he got paid, I quote, “HANDSOMELY” by Genesis Mining. I jumped in and said that it is not fair to promote something that does not live up to the … Read more