Refereum ICO Aims To Change The Gaming Industry

Refereum ICO Aims To Change The Gaming Industry

Refereum is now one of the most interesting ICO projects you want to take a closer look at. This platform taps into a $100 billion industry and does seem to offer a tangible solution for numerous people and companies involved. I believe that at the moment this is definitely an interesting investment opportunity, especially if you are interested in gaming of any kind.

More About Refereum

The main aim of this platform is to reduce costs associated with marketing and selling games. This is done by rewarding the individuals that share games, helping game developers and influencers. Video game marketing is now all about advertising, making things expensive for the smaller companies. Through Refereum we eliminate the ads so marketing becomes much more affordable through a focus done through influencers.

Keep in mind that content creators and game streamers are now followed by millions of people. These are people that cannot actually monetize following due to limited opportunities. Using affiliate programs like G2A or Amazon is not that effective and all cryptocurrency rewards systems ended up disappearing one by one.

Refereum simply builds a 3 sided network. Developers end up spending less on marketing and influencers can get more money as gamers will earn as they play games or share games. The diagram below shows you exactly what system is created.

Future Growth Potential

The great thing about Refereum is that we are faced with a literally endless earning potential. This system can actually grow as gaming grows. Although it is far-fetched that Refereum (token RFR) will replace ETH or dollars, this does not mean that huge growth cannot appear.

The project is scheduled to be finished in 2020. 2018 is a year of expansion. Some reviewers say that there is no clear timeline highlighted and that this is a sign that the team does not actually have a real plan in place. What I need to point out is that this is quite normal in the video game industry since everything you do should be determined by users. Working Refereum developments based on feedback coming from people that actually use it is something I like.

Potential RFR Token Appreciation

RFR is designed to help with decentralized cash rewards and referral marketing. The user that shares a referral link will earn RFR tokens. These tokens can be used to buy new games or content and to get cash. You use RFR in 3 ways throughout the network:

  • Buy games – you can actually buy some really popular ones like PUBG or Rocket League.
  • Receive RFR tokens from game developers – payments are made to receive more traffic and profits can be shared with influencers selling the games.
  • Digital goods sellers listing products

Refereum Opportunities

The main things that have to be highlighted about Refereum are the following:

  • The community built is already quite high, which is expected given the high interaction in gaming. Market awareness is really high.
  • In gaming we have influencers as being vital marketing partners. Twitch for instance is a huge website that is filled with influencers. Using Refereum increases streamer income, making it attractive for them due to the decentralized nature of blockchain technology.
  • RFR tokens make a lot of sense and the referral model is very well-built.
  • Hundreds of thousands of hours of sponsored game streaming were already streamed with RFR tokens as rewards.

Potential Concerns

From a strictly investment point of view the only real concern is the fact that there is no clear plan highlighted. There are many general things mentioned so we do not really know what the team plans until announcements are made. As I already said, this is not generally bad in gaming but can be a concern we have to take into account.

The only other thing everyone should know is that bonuses were not disclosed for participants in the presale phase. We do not know that initial profit that most people are interested in with ICO deals. However, since this project is long run and focuses on a rewards system in a huge industry, the rewards might not actually be determined until results are brought in.

Final Thoughts

Refereum is basically a very interesting concept that is great for long term investors, especially when interested in gaming. RFR is one of the few ICOs on the market that are great for both flipping and long-term holding. The simple principle of changing how game developers market game launches and investing more in actual game development can be huge.

If you want to learn more about Refereum:

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